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Experience  the   heart  of   Vietnamese   flavors   and    traditions.    

Our family and staff at Viet Aroma welcome you to a taste of our modest Vietnamese home-style cuisine. We take pride in providing you with only the freshest, most nourishing and MSG-free menu ingredients.   As first-generation immigrants in the U.S, our mission is to celebrate our cultural identity as we share a nostalgic heritage story with each home-style meal served.
You will find that at Viet Aroma, we strive to treat all of our staff and customers like family.    We believe in the power of homemade meals that can transcend cultural differences while bringing families of different backgrounds closer together.   Since the inception of our business in 2003,   
we have established strong, lasting connections with our patrons as they shared their life stories and adventures with us.  As a token of our appreciation, we pledge to give back to the community with our focus on education and family values.   
With your support, we hope to not only share with you our food heritage of fresh and healthy Vietnamese flavors through a contemporary and distinct Viet-American lens, but also 
continue fostering a meaningful and culturally diverse community.  

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